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Metal Fabrication for Industry

Metal Fabrication for Industry

Fabrication of canopies, stairs, railings, pan deck, floor, and roof decking.

Custom design and fabrication to meet the needs of industry.


Utilizing Waterjet, Press Brake processes


Cutting, rolling, handrails, pedestrian bridges

Custom Design

From sketches on paper to a complete design

Steel Erection

Truss, girder, wide flange beams and joist erection.

Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

Metal Fabrication

Trinity Metal Solutions creates commercial products for consumer use; industrial products for other equipment that is used to manufacture consumer goods; and structural products used in the building process. Creating products and structures from raw materials including cutting, welding and assembling the structures, is the mainstay of our metal fabrication services. Our experienced fabricators ensure your structure complies with the highest standards. Using sheet metal, bending and shaping tools, Computerized Numerical Controls (CNC) cutting tools and welds, we make each project to meet, or exceed, rigid industry guidelines. Determining how each part of the project must be fabricated, we’ll determine the size and shape, the type of metal, and what finishing techniques are necessary to complete the project.

During the actual fabrication process we use metal working tools designed to create the exact piece according to design specifications. From shears, mills, lathes and nibblers, to CNC tools, each piece of metal is cut and formed with precision. Using techniques like grinding and deburring makes the materials function properly and have no excess material. Using a variety of techniques to strengthen and finish the product, like paint and powder coating, as well as our assembling process, strengthens the product for prolonged use.

Best solutions

From Concept to Completed Project

Trinity Metal Solutions is goal-oriented with the flexibility to create your original project from concept to completed product. You have our word, that we are your partner every step of the way, and our promise that we will meet or exceed your expectations.

Adapting to today’s rigorous standards, and maintaining high safety ethics, Trinity Metal Solutions keeps our employees (and yours) safe while providing our customers with the best possible product available.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Superior service
  • Timely results

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CAD design
Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

Custom Design

The Trinity Metal Solutions design team will work with you to take your idea from sketches on paper to a complete design and a final, finished, product. Our team’s experience and understanding of the design process assures that your final product is just what you imagined. Using the latest in computer software, your design is created and refined before it goes to the fabrication stage and finished product.

Our custom fabricated metal products include industrial catwalks for packing houses, staircases, decorative fences, decking and more. We have also fabricated custom spray trucks for lawn service businesses and a custom delivery truck for a lumber company. Your business’ needs are our first priority when creating custom fabrication.

Skilled Professionals

About Trinity Metal Solutions

Trinity Metal Solutions was formed in 2020 to serve the unique needs of the food processing industry in the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in the fresh fruit and vegetable industries, Trinity collaborates with the processors to make catwalks, stairways, and other equipment that allows the processors to easily access all areas of their plants in a safe environment.

Trinity is known throughout the northwest as the “go to” metal fabricator for these specialty items. Small processors with just a few processing lines, to major processors with multi-lines and multiple warehouses, all rely on the expertise and quality craftsmanship of Trinity Metal Solutions.

Jason Moore


Trinity Metals Solutions’ owner, Jason Moore, has more than 25 years of experience in metal fabrication. Starting right out of high school, Jason began his career in welding and appreciated the mentorship of his co-workers. Absorbing the valuable knowledge and experience that was shared with him, Jason quickly realized that he wanted to provide metal fabrication services that meet, or exceed, the highest industry standards. As he grew more experienced in precision welding and metal fabrication, he also learned the value of hard work and treating co-workers and employees as he, himself, wants to be treated. Trinity Metal Solutions is built on those core values, and today enjoys a reputation that spreads across the Pacific Northwest.

Chris Jewett

Production Manager

As Trinity Metal Solutions expanded, Chris Jewett was brought onboard as the Production Manager in early 2023. His decades of experience in machining, metal fabrication, design and team leadership affords Chris the opportunity to help guide Trinity Metal Solutions to the next level.

Chris consults with customers and works with his team to make their project come to fruition – from initial thoughts to sketches, designs, and the finished product.


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